5 Quick Tips For Proper Alarm Use 

1. Your alarm is not a replacement for calling 9-1-1 

Only use a panic or robbery button when YOU CAN NOT get to a phone to dial 9-1-1 yourself!   

2. Know how to cancel a false alarm 

If your alarm goes off in error don’t leave until you’ve spoken to your alarm company. False alarms have become a tremendous nuisance for authorities everywhere. Make certain anyone who has access to your alarm also knows how to cancel a false activation, including the passcode/password and phone number to your monitoring station.   
3. Service your alarm

 Have your alarm system serviced at least every 24 months. Many potential false alarms can be prevented if you have regular service on your alarm system. Anytime your alarm goes off and you cannot pin point the exact cause, you should contact your alarm company and discuss it with them. If they recommend a service call take them up on it.    

4. Bad weather alarms

 Many bad weather alarms are caused by old batteries. The alarm system battery should be replaced every 3-5 years and sooner if there have been frequent power outages.    

 5. Emergency contact lists

Your emergency contacts should have access to the home or place of business and be willing to meet with the authorities in the event that you are not available. Make certain your emergency call lists are updated frequently and you include cell phone number for the primary users.